Friday's Featured Cocktail: Oh là là!


Friday's Featured Cocktail comes to us from Le Verre Volé, one of our favorite bistros in Paris featuring an incredible selection of natural wines. We particularly like Jean Foillard's Côte du Py, an amazing red wine from the village of Morgon in the Beaujolais sub-region.   The grape is Gamay, also known as Gamay Beaujolais, a clear indication that the grape and its terroir are inseparable.  According to one source, "a full 60% of the world’s Gamay is planted in Beaujolais, where it derives excellent expression from the nutrient-poor, acidic granite soils."

Jean Foillard's Morgon is very elegant and smooth, not overbearing or harsh.  Its soft texture but bold taste is a welcome combination and makes this wine one of our absolute favorites.

As a natural winemaker, Mssr. Foillard's vintages are unfiltered with no artificial yeast or sugar added.  More significantly, they have no added sulphur dioxide, the almost universal wine preservative.   (For more on natural wines, check out "On Natural Wines" by Eric Asimov in the NY Times.)

Le Verre Volé is found at 67 rue de Lancry, in Paris's 10th arrondissement, across the street from the Canal Saint-Martin.    Jean Foillard's wines are also available in limited supply in the USA.

ADDITION:  Our good friend Wendy Lyn at The Paris Kitchen pointed out that two Jean Foillard Morgon wines are available at The Ten Bells on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  Thanks for the info, Wendy!