Friday's Featured Cocktail: Éphémère Apple Beer


From the Unibroue brewery in Québec comes Éphémère Apple, a delicious and unique beer (if you like the taste of green apples, that is). Éphémère is a white ale brewed with apple must.  The apple flavor is very prominent so, if you don't like granny smith apples, you probably won't like this beer.  But if you like green apples, you'll love it.

Éphémère Apple Beer can be tough to find.  It's usually available at stores that sell a large number of specialty beers.

Here in New York City, Flex Mussels sells it in bottles, and it's the perfect accompaniment to a lobster roll and fries.

In Las Vegas, we enjoy  Éphémère on tap at Todd English PUB in the huge CityCenter complex.