The Pope is coming to NYC!

Welcome to NYC Pope Francis! We're so honored to have you in New York City! Well, the only thing we're not happy about is all the traffic delays that will be happening, also probably train delays, but we all know that's nothing new.... >:(

Anyway! We've complied a list of the three top things in New York City that Pope Francis should do, if he could, that is....

3) Go see a show on the Great White Way!

Without a doubt, we are so sure that the Pope would love to go see a show on Broadway. Who wouldn't? While he may not enjoy Book of Mormon, he may enjoy The Lion King or Wicked or maybe Hamilton?

2) Get some Street Meat

No, I'm not trying to give the Pope food poisoning, but it's a staple here in NYC. You have to get a dirty water hot dog at least once in the city. While I may have done it more than once out of desperation and being broke, it's something that needs to be done. Seeing the Pope take a selfie with a street meat cart would make my day, no lie. 

1) Buy a " I Love NY" t-shirt.

Pope Francis, enjoy being a tourist. Embrace it. We've all been there, even if we don't like to admit it. We've taken times square selfies, we've gone into so may souvenir shops, and we've taken a selfie at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Enjoy your time here Pope Francis. We are all very excited to have you in our city and we promise, if you get lost taking the subway, ask us for directions! We're not as mean as you think, promise!