Icebreaker Entertainment, LLC 
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    Christi Scofield & Ted Scofield at Lederhosen NYC

Christi Scofield & Ted Scofield at Lederhosen NYC

About the Creators
Bar crawls for smart people? You might think that’s an oxymoron, but creators Christi Scofield & Ted Scofield don’t think so.

As frequent travelers, Christi & Ted always search out fun and informative tours when they venture to other cities but have found that very few tours allow time out to stop in local cafés or bars to soak up even more of the city’s culture.

Always one to seize on a business opportunity that involves something social and festive, Christi came up with the concept of Cocktails & Curiosities, a tour that combines the best elements of history, pop culture, architecture, literature, shopping, art and insider secrets of a city – with the revelry of a bar crawl.

Christi & Ted began hosting these tours for friends, family and business partners in New York City.  They had so many requests for the tour info they decided to formalize the concept and launch the Cocktails & Curiosities brand as part of their existing company, Icebreaker Entertainment.  Icebreaker Entertainment’s mission is to create funny and bold products that break the ice and get people laughing. C&C is the perfect addition to the company.

Christi Scofield Author

More about Christi
Christi is the head coder, writer of puns, cocktail um... we mean tour researcher and artist for the Cocktails & Curiosities team.  
Originally from Treasure Island, FL, Christi has been a New Yorker since 2000. She is an artist, a self-professed techno nerd, a history buff and has a penchant for aged gouda and French wines.  

In her non-Cocktails & Curiosities life, Christi is a fine artist as well as the President and Founder of Icebreaker Entertainment.  She creates greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings, codes apps for her Cheeky Chats brand, makes board games, t-shirts, school supplies and many many more items under her brands, Sassy Slang and Icebreakerz.    


 Christi earned an MBA from Florida State University and before that, her BA in Business from Virginia Wesleyan College where she was captain of the soccer team and, go figure, her sorority’s social chair.  Christi’s career began in technology sales with Tech Data, Compaq and HP.  After living in New York for a few years, Christi decided she did not want to work "for the man" for the rest of her life and started off her entrepreneur journey with a naughty little board game called Sexy Slang which then somehow evolved into a company that sold children's school supplies to now an app where we can tour and enjoy our wine.   Isn't that how the life of the entrepreneur is suppose to go?  


More about Ted
Icebreaker Entertainment’s General Counsel, Ted,  joined the company soon after its inception (being the future husband of the founder was the #1 bullet on his job application). In addition to his role at Icebreaker Entertainment, Ted has three full-time jobs:  novelist, securities attorney, and Southern gentleman schmoozer.  Over the years, Ted has helped Christi wrap a strong business plan around Sexy Slang, the company’s first brand, and helped guide the company through its successful launch and evolution. Ted continues to lead the company’s legal team and is co-writer, pun editor, head photographer and chief beer taster of the Cocktails & Curiosities tours.
Ted began his career as an political consultant and now practices corporate and securities law, specializing in helping small business. He is always happy to help fellow entrepreneurs! 
Ted is a three-time graduate of Vanderbilt University, earning his JD and MBA concurrently and a BA in history. He is licensed to practice law in the State of New York.  Check out his latest novel, EAT WHAT YOU KILL, published by St. Martin's Press in 2014.