Friday's Featured Cocktail: Gulder Lager from Nigeria

Gulder at Buka
Gulder at Buka

Today's Friday Featured Cocktail originates in Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, on the east coast. Gulder, a delicious and refreshing lager, was first brewed in 1970 shortly after the government of Nigeria banned the importation of beer.   It's 5% ABV and served in 625 ml (big) bottles.

We got a kick out of the honest labeling:  Gulder is "made from premium barley, quality hops and clean water ...."  Clean water.  Good to know.

We tried Gulder at Buka, a Nigerian restaurant & bar in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn.   If you live in NYC or plan to visit, and looking for a bit of adventure, then consider lunch or dinner at Buka.

Our group of six tried just about everything on the menu, from the spicy goat to the fish to the fried beef, and with the exception of the unbelievably tough land snails, we truly enjoyed it all.  A word of caution to those of delicate constitution:  Nigerian cuisine is SPICY.  But when you wash it down with Gulder, it's all good!