Friday's Featured Cocktail: Bronx Moonshine!


Friday's Featured Cocktail is Port Morris Distillery's delicious moonshine, make in The Bronx, New York.  

We sampled the 92 proof Shine at the FLUX Art Fair in Harlem.  It mixes well with just about anything.  From PMD's website: 

Our 92 proof Pitorro originates from The Lush Mountains of Guayama, Puerto Rico. “Pitorro” is puertorriqueños version of “Moonshine”. Our Master Distiller Tio has created this process making changes throughout the years perfecting it to his liking. With his ingredients and preparation he has created a clean version of Pitorro. What makes our Pitorro distinct is our preference to prolong the fermentation process & turn the mash into a beer/wine consistency giving it 14 to 21 days to cure. This process helps with preventing the hangover factor and gives our Pitorro a glassy look similar to perlas (pearls). The history behind Pitorro & its perlas for most Pitorreros (Moonshiners) on the island is that without the perlas the Pitorro is not of good quality.

Where to buy PMD Shine?  CLICK HERE