Mayor Jimmy Walker


One of New York's most beloved mayors, Jimmy Walker lived here at this beautiful apartment at #6 St. Luke's Place. He was in office from 1926 until 1932 and was always popular among the working class. Why did they like him so much? Well, it maybe had to do with the fact that he helped to legalize Sunday entertainment such as movies, boxing, and baseball. During this time, most people worked 6 days a week, so it seemed nice that they could finally do some stuff for fun on Sundays. He also helped fight to keep the subway rate at just five cents a ride, which present day it's sky-rocketed to a huge $2.75 a ride. Let's bring back that 5 cent fair, am I right? Outside the former mayor's house, there are two beautiful lanterns that used to guide the mayor home after his late nights of partying during the prohibition. He was a well-known anti-prohibitionist, but when the US went into the depression and FDR launched an investigation into City Hall's finances, Mayor Jimmy Walker ended up resigning, divorcing his wife, and running off with a showgirl named Betty Compton. He finally died in 1946. However, in 1950, there was actually a movie made after his more than glamorous life, called Beau James, starring none other than Bob Hope. Crazy, right?