Start Spreading the News: Kirin Frozen Beer Foam keeps it cool


The geniuses at Japanese Brewer Kirin have found a way to keep your beer colder for longer.  (We read about it first on Grub Street.) The idea behind Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draught Beer, being tested in Tokyo, is actually quite simple.   To keep the beer cold, it's capped with a head of frozen, foamy ... beer.  As the foam melts, it doesn't dilute the beer.  Genius.

Click here to watch a video, and note the tune Kirin chose as accompaniment.

Kirin claims its frozen beer foam cap will keep a beer chilled fora full half hour (and who needs that to drink a pint of beer?).

As the video shows, the foamy cap looks a lot like soft-serve ice cream, and it's created by blowing a steady stream of air into the beer as it freezes.

Based on the familiar tune Kirin chose for the video, we're guessing the frozen beer foam will be available in New York, New York soon.  We hope it's before the Summer heats up!