The dreaded sign you always see when you go to art museums. Some exhibits just look like they would be really fun to touch, but it's not allowed. However, fear not, my fellow new yorkers! Jeppe Hein has also felt the pain and has made an art installment meant completely for touching and interacting with called, Please Touch The Art." Located at the Brooklyn Bridge park, this art installment features many different exhibits eighteen to be exact, of playful sculptures designed specifically for interacting with. This fun exhibit has three parts:

1) Appearing Rooms- A series of "rooms" that are formed when water jets up from the grids, forming "walls" that appear and disappear throughout the day.

2) Mirror Labyrinth - equidistantly spaced vertical elements at varying heights made from mirror polished stainless steel that multiple the surrounding landscape through myriad reflections.

3) 16 new modified benches - say goodbye to the traditional park bench. These are basically the benches of the future. These benches are twisted, bent, curved, and angled.

This amazing exhibit is on display until April 2016. Also, there are plenty of great places to check out near here, many bars included! One bar in particular is  The Brooklyn Bridge Garden Bar, which has great food and drinks  and is obviously a bar in a garden. How could you get any more summer than drinking sangria under the sun? Perfect for when the kids are back in school!