Cheers in Honor of New York's Cocktail Culture King!


This wonderful looking drink is called the Paloma. It is found at one of our favorite speakeasy stops on our tour, Little Branch. This drink is tequila mixed with grapefruit, lemon, and soda. It is DELICIOUS!  Although you can obviously taste the tequila, you forget that you're drinking alcohol because it is so smooth. It's slightly sweet, but not very sugary. This bar has a very romantic and relaxed atmosphere. This bar was quite difficult to find, but it's right on the corner of 7th and Leroy in the west village.  Also, as an FYI it's cash only so make sure you stop at an ATM on the way. Sasha Petraske sadly passed away on August 21st. He was integral to restoring cocktail culture around the world with his innovative unmarked bars. He made the phrase, "going out for a cocktail," a thing again. These bars are amazing and we definitely raise a glass to his memory. Cheers!