The Arch


This magnificent arch was once just plaster and wood, erected in 1889 to celebrate the centennial of President George Washington's inauguration. The people who came up with this idea obviously did something right, as it became very popular and only three years later was replaced with a permanent marble arch designed by New York architect Stanford White.

Standing at 77 feet tall, this beautiful arch is focused around Washington's ideas of war and peace. It's hollow and contains a stairway up to the roof. Rumor has it that at one point a civil war veteran was living inside the arch! No one knew until one day someone spotted his laundry hanging up to dry!

The park is now a very popular spot now. Many people from all over nyc come to hang out in this park, along with many nyu students because it's practically on their campus.

One other cool thing about the park is a certain row of houses just outside of the park. They are actually known as "the row," and New York's elite moved here in 1820. Now, most of it is owned by New York University, but Artist Edward Hopper lived here for quite some time with his wife in #3 Washington Square North until he died in 1967. He lived there for about 54 years. Also, in the famous 2007 film, I Am Legend, Will Smith's character had the address , 11 Washington Square North. How cool!


ACBP, E, F, G...

Okay, so maybe that's not  how the alphabet goes, but who cares? 

Today we are talking about a bar where the owners are known as "the beer whisperers," the Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor.The thing that's so special about this bar is exactly what's in the name, great beer and great art. While it is a beer bar, it still has a far better selection of wines than most other beer bars. It also has great bar food! Who doesn't love a steaming hot soft pretzel? 

Now this beer is amazing, as we've already clarified, but why? Well,  Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor has a high tech subterranean beer cellar right under your feet!. This "Bugatti of beer taps," makes absolute sure that the beer you're drinking is always served at exactly 32 degrees. There's nothing more refreshing than a nice cold beer on a hot summer day.The cellar also features a custom-made chill room for their kegs and bottles to keep them at the perfect temperature.

Now for info on the beer! Don and Bob (our beer whisperers), always make sure their bar features 24 great tasting beers on tap and are always very knowledgeable and able to help you find the perfect beer for you, as is their great staff. If beer is your thing, go ahead and do the "run of the board." which is a tasting of all 24 beers on tap. If beer just isn't your thing however or you're too scared to try the run of the board,  try a tasting flight: your choice of either 6, 12, or 18 different beers. They also have growlers to go if you don't want the party to end when you head home.

They have up different art exhibits as well and they change every few months or so. So you should definitely hit up this bar and go try some beer!

Friday's Featured Cocktail: Hell-Or-High-Watermelon



Hey everyone, TGIF! So this week our featured cocktail is actually a beer, but a very in season one at that. As everyone is still nursing their hangovers from the fourth of July,  others would rather choose to take "The Hair of The Dog" path. Well, this refreshing beer is a great way to do so!

Hell-Or-High-Watermelon is a wheat beer that is very light in its looks and its taste. The first sip you take leaves you feeling like you just bit into a fresh piece of watermelon, but without the seeds! Not much to complain about there, right? It's crisp and refreshing while not being as filling as a regular beer, which leaves you plenty of room to drink more!

This beer can be found at The Writing Room on the Upper East Side, The Well in Williamsburg, or even as a six pack at your local bodega.

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