Showtime at The Apollo!

Well folks, Harlem Week is here! Never mind that it lasts a month instead of an actual week... but anyway! It originally was "Harlem Day," in 1974 and was just one day to celebrate this neighborhood and all it has to offer. Harlem may not have the best reputation, but those who swear to never venture into these parts are not adventurous and need to be taught some things.

First of all, it has the famous Apollo Theater! Back when it first came around in 1914, it was known as Hurtig and Seamon's New Burlesque Theater. However, African-Americans at first were not allowed to attend or perform in these shows. In 1933, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia began a campaign against burlesque, and this was one of many theaters shut down. Sidney Cohen opened it again as the 125th Street Apollo Theater in 1934. They took away the burlesque parts of the show and made it a variety review and redirected their marketing towards the African-Americans who lived in Harlem.

The Apollo was then taken over by new management the following year in 1935 and they ran it for many years until yet again new management took over in 1978 and closed again in November of 1979. Finally, in 1981, it was purchased by Percy Sutton who happened to be a lawyer, politician, media and technology executive, and part of a private investors group. He then added a recording and television studio. 

After becoming popular under the new management of Mr. Sutton, The Apollo Theater received state and city landmark status and in 1991 it was established as a private, not-for-profit organization to manage, fund, and oversee all of their programming. Today, the Apollo is known for its concerts, performing arts, education and community outreach programs, and also its amateur night in which aspiring performers can present on a real stage in front of an audience and get a feel for what it's really like to be in the industry.




Can  you believe that one of the many things Washington Square Park is known for is chess? Believe is or not, tons of chess playing legends have sat in these same seats before and after they became legends.

Being one of the two most known parks in our beloved city,  Washington Square Park is a little under just ten acres of beautiful green things. Living in the city, it's always nice to go into the park and remember what grass looks like, right? 

The park in named after President George Washington, who was actually inaugurated nearby at Wall St. in 1789, back when NYC was the capital of the United States. It wasn't always a park though, in fact, back when it was actually a cemetery it was home to over 20,000 New Yorkers who are still buried there to this day. Talk about creepy, right?!

If you're not totally creeped out, maybe this will do the trick. The park was also an execution site and houses the world's oldest tree ever. Standing for 340 years now, the elm tree AKA The Hanging Tree has been the last sight for many people. People would come from all over to see people hanged from this 110 ft tall Elm tree. The last hanging was done in 1820 and the limb from which the hangings took place was removed in 1992. 

Whose wondering now if this park is possible haunted?

ACBP, E, F, G...

Okay, so maybe that's not  how the alphabet goes, but who cares? 

Today we are talking about a bar where the owners are known as "the beer whisperers," the Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor.The thing that's so special about this bar is exactly what's in the name, great beer and great art. While it is a beer bar, it still has a far better selection of wines than most other beer bars. It also has great bar food! Who doesn't love a steaming hot soft pretzel? 

Now this beer is amazing, as we've already clarified, but why? Well,  Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor has a high tech subterranean beer cellar right under your feet!. This "Bugatti of beer taps," makes absolute sure that the beer you're drinking is always served at exactly 32 degrees. There's nothing more refreshing than a nice cold beer on a hot summer day.The cellar also features a custom-made chill room for their kegs and bottles to keep them at the perfect temperature.

Now for info on the beer! Don and Bob (our beer whisperers), always make sure their bar features 24 great tasting beers on tap and are always very knowledgeable and able to help you find the perfect beer for you, as is their great staff. If beer is your thing, go ahead and do the "run of the board." which is a tasting of all 24 beers on tap. If beer just isn't your thing however or you're too scared to try the run of the board,  try a tasting flight: your choice of either 6, 12, or 18 different beers. They also have growlers to go if you don't want the party to end when you head home.

They have up different art exhibits as well and they change every few months or so. So you should definitely hit up this bar and go try some beer!

Fridays Featured Cocktail: Kalimotxo

The Kalimotxo- red wine mixed with Coca-Cola or white wine mixed with Sprite. Best served on the rocks. We found this gem in the east village at a Basque inspired Spanish restaurant called Huertas. This drink is very popular in Basque culture. It has a very unique flavor, so if you're feeling adventurous or have to find a wine to drink red wine without it being too dry, this is your best bet.

According to their website, "The name Huertas translates to orchards, or small gardens. These orchards dominate the landscape of northern Spain". 

One of the things this restaurant is known best for though, is their hot dogs window. Hot dogs made with chistorra sausage, a variety of pork sausage seasoned with paprika. These things are mouth watering and delicious. So start your weekend right and go check out Huertas, grab a Kalimotxo and a dog and pig out. 

Macaron or Macaroon? The never ending debate

So... for all of you who guesses macaron, go grab yourself a cocktail and enjoy your reward while you read on! For those of you who guessed macaroon.... read on and educate yourself. Okay, you can grab a cocktail too. The actual way to pronounce macaron is "mah/kah/roh." These sweet little pastries often get confused for another because of the pronunciation and call them macaroons, but let's not get started on that rant.

Today we are talking about Bisous, Ciao Macarons!

As popular as the macaron is with the french, it was actually invented circa 1533 in Italy by a woman who ended up marrying the King of France and the rest is history.

Macarons are basically elegant sandwich cookies whereas macaroons are chewy and coconutty. Personally, the macaron is way better and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Anyway, back to these delicious treats! Anyone whose ever had one of these knows how amazing they are!  No other treat can compare. This store is so cute and  you can't miss it. The flavor they have range from the classics such as vanilla, salted caramel, and raspberry and to the seasonal flavors like cherry blossom and passion fruit. Mouth watering, right? Well go try some for yourself! Or if you're too lazy, admit it, we all are, they deliver! 

Blind Tiger Ale House: Cask Beer Vs. Regular Beer

The Blind Tiger Ale House is one of the best beers bars we've found in all of NYC with over 50 different bottled beers, 28 beers on tap, and some great wine. However, they're very known for their cask beers, which aren't easy to find in the city. Cask beer AKA 'real ale,' is unfiltered and unpasteurized, brewed from only traditional ingredients and is able to mature naturally, but it still contains live yeast. This is definitely not even close to your average beer. It's served nice and cool while being hand pumped into the glass instead of from a keg. Back to the bar,  it's spacious yet has a very cozy feeling. There's great options of drink and food, including the grilled cheese. The bartenders are all very friendly and are willing to help find that perfect tasting beer just for you. Located at 281 Bleeker St, it's open every day from 11:30am to 4am.