Blind Tiger Ale House: Cask Beer Vs. Regular Beer

The Blind Tiger Ale House is one of the best beers bars we've found in all of NYC with over 50 different bottled beers, 28 beers on tap, and some great wine. However, they're very known for their cask beers, which aren't easy to find in the city. Cask beer AKA 'real ale,' is unfiltered and unpasteurized, brewed from only traditional ingredients and is able to mature naturally, but it still contains live yeast. This is definitely not even close to your average beer. It's served nice and cool while being hand pumped into the glass instead of from a keg. Back to the bar,  it's spacious yet has a very cozy feeling. There's great options of drink and food, including the grilled cheese. The bartenders are all very friendly and are willing to help find that perfect tasting beer just for you. Located at 281 Bleeker St, it's open every day from 11:30am to 4am.