Macaron or Macaroon? The never ending debate

So... for all of you who guesses macaron, go grab yourself a cocktail and enjoy your reward while you read on! For those of you who guessed macaroon.... read on and educate yourself. Okay, you can grab a cocktail too. The actual way to pronounce macaron is "mah/kah/roh." These sweet little pastries often get confused for another because of the pronunciation and call them macaroons, but let's not get started on that rant.

Today we are talking about Bisous, Ciao Macarons!

As popular as the macaron is with the french, it was actually invented circa 1533 in Italy by a woman who ended up marrying the King of France and the rest is history.

Macarons are basically elegant sandwich cookies whereas macaroons are chewy and coconutty. Personally, the macaron is way better and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Anyway, back to these delicious treats! Anyone whose ever had one of these knows how amazing they are!  No other treat can compare. This store is so cute and  you can't miss it. The flavor they have range from the classics such as vanilla, salted caramel, and raspberry and to the seasonal flavors like cherry blossom and passion fruit. Mouth watering, right? Well go try some for yourself! Or if you're too lazy, admit it, we all are, they deliver!