Get Your Happy Hour Money's Worth!

     We all love happy hour, yes? Well, today is all about the best places in the city to find happy hour 2-for-1's! Let's face it, drinks are expensive, food is expensive, we live in New York, everything is expensive! So it's always great to see a sign that says two for one, it's almost like winning the lottery except you're still spending money  so.... guess not. ANYWAYS, here are some bars that host a two for one happy hour!!

The Double Down Saloon- Avenue A between 1st and 2nd                                                                           This bar is possibly one of the diviest and skeeviest bars ever, so of course it's a great one. Every day happy hour is from 5pm until 8pm, and well drinks, liquors that start with "J", and beers are two for one! This bar has only one rule: you puke, you clean.

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub- 182 West 4th St.                                                                                                   This themed bar is a great way to freak out your friends and enjoy a drink! It's a little small, but take a trip downstairs into the Dungeon! Happy hour is 4pm to 7pm and features $4 draft beers and two for one well drinks! The bar is cozy and the staff is friendly which always make for a great bar experience. 

Keybar- 13th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A                                                                       Well this may be one of the best bars for happy hour in nyc! EVERYTHING IS TWO FOR ONE. Martinis, mixed drinks, shots, cocktails, beers, wines, etc. EVERYTHING. ...... Now that we've all started breathing again, yes it's true. During their special happy hour times, shown on their website (click above), everything in the bar is two for one. When you order your first drink, you will receive a voucher for your second drink and the best part? You can save the ticket for later if you want and redeem your one free drink any time and any day! HOW GREAT IS THAT? 

So bottom line, we may live somewhere that is way expensive, but we have great happy hours here to make up for that!