The Stonewall Inn - Where Pride Began

Known as the birthplace of the gay rights movement, the Stonewall Inn, located at 53 Christopher Street, is only one of the most notorious gay bars throughout the city and this is where pride began. In 1969, the mafia actually owned this bar and welcomed gay patrons.The patrons of this bar, on June 28th, 1969, decided that they had had enough of the brutality, discrimination and oppression by the police and decided to rebel. This sparked what is known as the "Rosa Parks movement," in Gay history and this is when it was decided that they would fight to be treated as equals in society.  At this time in NYC, it was illegal to serve gay people alcohol, horrible, right? Well on this night, Stonewall Inn was raided and there were about 200 people present that night. So instead of cooperating with the police as usual, the gay community finally started to fight back and a riot ensued that night and the following two nights after. Now in present day Stonewall Inn is considered a NYC historic landmark. How great! Also, when NYC finally legalized gay marriage in 2011, this was naturally the celebration spot. How great is it that we've come this far? Hooray for Pride!