Friday's Featured Cocktail: St Bernardus

Welcome to Vol de Nuit! One of the best Belgian beer bars in the city, although they als serve some wines and champagnes. Today is all about the St. Bernardus and it's a perfect beer to cheers to the end of the week. Now, let's not be fooled by the color of this drink. Yes it''s dark, but it's not as thick as it looks. It's actually very light and fruity, perfect to sip on for a beer beginner. The flavor as well is very light and mild, malty almost with a warm finish. This bar's atmosphere is perfect as well, with a little outdoor seating section  or for those seeking AC, the bar has it! This bar is located at West 4th, right off the ACBDFM lines, so it's very accessible. Go try one today and tell them Cocktails and Curiosities sent you!